Welcome to Hell

I never imagined I’d go to Hell. Not in my wildest dreams. Sure, I’d done some things in life that other people weren’t too happy with, but I’d always thought Hell was just the excuse they came up with in a pathetic attempt to try and keep me under their thumb. To scare me into playing by their rules, all the while denying their own selfishness until no one was looking.

To control me.

No way in Hell I was going to fall for that load of bullshit.

And yet here I am. Falling down and down and down, into the fiery abyss.​ There is still quite a ways to go until I reach the molten pits of the damned that beckon from below, but it looks as though my fall will end eventually.

I know I’m already dead, so it’s not like this fall is going to kill me. I remember my death like it was only a few seconds ago. I mean, I guess it was. It seems my divine judgment was a swift one, indeed. But I lived my life proudly and without regret, right up until my last breath.

Before I bother explaining myself to the likes of you, let me start off by saying this: she fucking deserved it. I was nothing but nice to Maia, I took her under my wing and took care of her when nobody else would, and she threw it all away when she slept with that scumbag. It felt so good, watching his face as the light left his eyes. His fucking face! I can still see it now. Fear. Guilt. Regret.

Better than any of that shit, though, was how fucking sorry he looked. He realized he’d defiled another man’s property. My property. Maia had been mine ever since I’d saved her sorry ass from her useless deadbeat dad, who’d pretty much abandoned her. That was several years ago. She was suicidal back then, but I made her life worth living. I gave her a sense of purpose. I bet all Maia ever did with that guy was talk about me. Probably some bad things too, ungrateful bitch. But, in his last moments, he realized who the superior man was. Who Maia really belonged to. I could see the utter submission in his eyes, his recognition that I was Maia’s one and only, and she was mine, and he could never even hope to size up to me. I bet I’ll find that bastard down here with me, and then I can shoot him in the goddamned head all over again.

And get this. The bitch tries to call the cops on me. After betraying me like that, I was willing to forgive and forget, and she wanted to betray me. Again. Are you fucking kidding me? Bitches, right? I stopped her though, took her phone and reminded her how forgiving I can be, and where her loyalties should lie. She claims I cheated on her first, but she just doesn’t understand. When you don’t put out, what’s a man to do? It’s not like it was anything serious. Slut gave me her number, but I threw it away, never saw her again. But Maia’d been fooling around with this guy for months, right under my nose. I can’t believe I didn’t smell the treachery sooner.

My whole body recoils at the thought that I might see her down here, too. She’s the one who took my life, after all. Isn’t that a one-way ticket?

Her lovely face makes me sick, now. It used to hold such solemn beauty, like a fragile porcelain doll, able to bend to my every whim. But that boy must have corrupted my sweet Maia. I haven’t the slightest clue what he may have told her, but I should have known something was up when she started giving me that ugly look of defiance and hatred, where I’d done nothing to deserve it. Those looks were meant for her father, or not at all. Certainly not me.

The lava pit is coming towards me faster now, much faster. If it wasn’t sweltering in this hellhole before, it sure is now. The sweat accumulating my face evaporates almost immediately. I want it back desperately, because my skin is seething under the heat. I’ve never been more appreciative of sweat than now, when it’s not here to keep my flesh from burning off.

Not literal enough for you? Just be grateful you’re not in my shoes right now.

I drop down face first into the lava.


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