Death Dream

And whilst I slept,
I dreamt my dying breath,
Where visitors appeared before my death
Whispering goodbyes with what time I had left.
All I wanted was to see your face
One last time,
But you were
the only one
whose heart
let me


Mind Matter

What most disturbs me about the brain is
Those long lost cobwebbed crevices
Devoted to cradling demented dreams
That once woke you screaming in the dark
Long since forgotten


I am the blood in your veins
The organs tucked neatly away inside your flesh,
Caged among cartilage, tendon, and bone.
By law of nature, gravity’s will,
The call to freedom is always there,
But your skin secures me, cradles me,
Keeps me safe and sound.
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Symphony of Screams

I may be unraveling at the seams,
For I’ve come to enjoy your symphony of screams.

Need I remind you? Your clock is ticking,
Don’t look now, but your blood is dripping.
Each crimson capsule catches my gaze,
The stench of iron sets my senses ablaze.
Why do you run? I intend only to please.
The harder you try, the harder you tease.

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