What the Rain Knows

She stood in front of his grave as the rain crashed down on top of her, but it was nowhere near as heavy as the sorrow she carried. His parents had tried to stop her, told her to at least take an umbrella, but she hadn’t listened. She didn’t want to listen anymore, not after everything they’d told her. Everything about Ethan that she’d known—no, everything she thought she’d known, was a lie. Nothing but lies. Continue reading “What the Rain Knows”


Nightmare Dearest

“You are hereby sentenced to death.”

King Auric heard the words delivered succinctly from his mouth, but gave them no further recognition. He had long since forgotten the weight of his commands, desensitized by their vast quantities; no longer did it faze him to take a life for any reason, so long as it was “justified.”

“Take him away.” No longer could he be bothered to attend the beheadings, much less execute the criminals himself—though his ability to do so would be a simple task through use of royal magic. Without another word, he turned away from the man whose life he had just proclaimed forfeit, sparing not even a moment to glance upon the man’s pleading face. After all, mercy was not something he could offer to alleged murderers. Continue reading “Nightmare Dearest”

Curiously Frightening

Settle down, my children, settle down. It is time for a story. A tale of crowning glory. The first story ever told: a tale of magnificence, a tale of old. A tale even older than me, if you can believe it. Settle down, my children, sit. You do not want to miss this shit. Ah, now I have your attention. You weren’t expecting that, were you? Now, without further ado….

Fahn and Fel—more commonly known today as Light and Dark, as you already know—have existed side by side, unable to touch or communicate with one another, for more millennia than anyone can count or comprehend. For the longest time, they did nothing but push and pull at each other. Fahn harbored curiosity for Fel, pulling at him in an attempt to try and learn more about him. Fel, however, harbored fear for this element so strange and opposite from himself. Unable to comprehend Fahn’s wishes, Fel pushed her away.

Continue reading “Curiously Frightening”

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