Light filters though my eyes. The colors seem different, somehow. Like someone sewed a Snapchat filter onto my corneas. But a couple blinks and the feeling’s gone.

Wait. Feeling?

A memory passes through me. The operation. 

I should feel something, right? Arms, legs? I try to wiggle my toes, fingers, anything that will take the command.

No response.

They must have failed.

I move my head to the side, and a lock of hair falls in my face. Blonde.

No, they didn’t fail at all. At least, not completely.

This is not my body.  Continue reading “Transplant”


Bleeding Thunder

A bolt of lightning is inevitably followed by a bang. That’s basic cause and effect. A fact of life. I should have known that. The storm outside only served as a grim reminder of my fate.

Idiot, idiot, IDIOT, I thought in panicked repetition as I bolted away from the sound of thundering footsteps. It was too dark to see, but I had twelve years’ experience of the layout of my own house. Things never changed around here, despite my mother’s claims that they would.

People don’t change, either. Continue reading “Bleeding Thunder”

Not Ready to Die

Death is a funny thing. Many people will tell you they aren’t scared of it. A few of them even believe they want it. It’s the common truth among those fortunate enough to be ignorant to anything beyond the mere concept. I used to be the same, until I was staring my own mortality in the face. It looked like an endless void of blackness, encased in a rounded silver halo. I stood frozen, unable to prevent it from inching toward me until its rim kissed my brow, the cold chill of metal causing my whole life to shudder as it hung on the line. I gulped at the clicking sound of death’s reaper, now ready and willing to pierce through my skull and welcome me to the abyss. Continue reading “Not Ready to Die”

The Graveyard Shift

I watch the sunset blend its russet reds with the subtle starlight of dusk. The canvas in the sky matches the palette of autumn leaves as they twist and tumble in the steady breeze. Such life they seem to have, for their dry and withered states. Deceased but still living, they dance through the air before finally coming to rest above the cemetery’s inhabitants. They hide the displays of bouquets in their various shades of life: offerings for loved ones long since departed.

The gravestones jut upward from their leaf beds, the only shades of gray in the entire gated grounds. With my leaf blower, I relieve them of their colored cover and send the leaves sailing once again. Nothing dead rests here. Continue reading “The Graveyard Shift”

Dragon Master

The mysterious crimson stone flickered and flashed in the firelight. For a fleeting fraction of a moment, it appeared to be alive. Adrelius shivered, despite the fact that he was sitting as close to the campfire as he could without getting burned. He kept the coconut-sized Soulstone next to him, not daring to take his eyes from the treasure they had all risked their lives for, and were still risking their lives for. Drel could not bear to think what would become of himself and the prince if they were to fail this mission. Continue reading “Dragon Master”

Welcome to Hell

I never imagined I’d go to Hell. Not in my wildest dreams. Sure, I’d done some things in life that other people weren’t too happy with, but I’d always thought Hell was just the excuse they came up with in a pathetic attempt to try and keep me under their thumb. To scare me into playing by their rules, all the while denying their own selfishness until no one was looking.

To control me.

No way in Hell I was going to fall for that load of bullshit.

And yet here I am. Falling down and down and down, into the fiery abyss.​ There is still quite a ways to go until I reach the molten pits of the damned that beckon from below, but it looks as though my fall will end eventually. Continue reading “Welcome to Hell”

What the Rain Knows

She stood in front of his grave as the rain crashed down on top of her, but it was nowhere near as heavy as the sorrow she carried. His parents had tried to stop her, told her to at least take an umbrella, but she hadn’t listened. She didn’t want to listen anymore, not after everything they’d told her. Everything about Ethan that she’d known—no, everything she thought she’d known, was a lie. Nothing but lies. Continue reading “What the Rain Knows”

Nightmare Dearest

“You are hereby sentenced to death.”

King Auric heard the words delivered succinctly from his mouth, but gave them no further recognition. He had long since forgotten the weight of his commands, desensitized by their vast quantities; no longer did it faze him to take a life for any reason, so long as it was “justified.”

“Take him away.” No longer could he be bothered to attend the beheadings, much less execute the criminals himself—though his ability to do so would be a simple task through use of royal magic. Without another word, he turned away from the man whose life he had just proclaimed forfeit, sparing not even a moment to glance upon the man’s pleading face. After all, mercy was not something he could offer to alleged murderers. Continue reading “Nightmare Dearest”

Curiously Frightening

Settle down, my children, settle down. It is time for a story. A tale of crowning glory. The first story ever told: a tale of magnificence, a tale of old. A tale even older than me, if you can believe it. Settle down, my children, sit. You do not want to miss this shit. Ah, now I have your attention. You weren’t expecting that, were you? Now, without further ado….

Fahn and Fel—more commonly known today as Light and Dark, as you already know—have existed side by side, unable to touch or communicate with one another, for more millennia than anyone can count or comprehend. For the longest time, they did nothing but push and pull at each other. Fahn harbored curiosity for Fel, pulling at him in an attempt to try and learn more about him. Fel, however, harbored fear for this element so strange and opposite from himself. Unable to comprehend Fahn’s wishes, Fel pushed her away.

Continue reading “Curiously Frightening”

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